Who am I?
  • Information Studies / Archival Studies grad
  • Amateur photographer
  • History enthusiast
  • Former archives intern
  • Current information professional
What is this site?
  • A history blog for the everyman.
  • I came up with the idea for this site while I was living in Montreal.
  • Going to and from class I would come across interesting historical buildings, plaques and other markers that looked to be largely ignored and overlooked.
What does “itinerant” mean?
  • Travelling or wandering from place to place.
  • I felt that making this website could be a good opportunity to:
    • Acknowledge and pay tribute to instances of history in our everyday lives.
    • While improving my writing, photography, and research skills.
Any caveats, disclaimers, or other information?
  • Any and all opinions expressed on this site are mine and do not reflect those of any institution or entity named or referenced herein.
  • If I make a factual error or leave something important out, please feel free to point it out in a comment!

All images and text on this website are copyright protected and are sole property of Sean Astle unless otherwise stated. Please contact for permissions of use.